Resilience – You Can’t Succeed Without It

There are many attributes that are associated with successful people. In my opinion one of the most valued is resilience. Resilience is defined as the the ability to recover from something. Oh how I love that word!

When I was younger I would set out to achieve a goal and give up because it didn’t happen as quickly as I thought it should happen. I would give up and start something else. As I got older, I realized that excellence takes time as well as hard work. That simple shift in my mindset changed the way that I looked at failure.

I’ve learned that whenever you start something new, you have to go into it with the mindset that it may take several attempts before you succeed. More often than not you should be prepared to ride it out until you succeed. As you start your planning stage, you should identify what your next step will be if you do not succeed at what you set out to do. Identifying this up front will help you pass the discouragement test. Many dreams are not reached not because they are not feasible. They are not reached because of discouragement.

Discouragement can show up in many forms. It can be a person, a delay, or lack of resources and to be honest with you some of these things should be expected. The one thing that is not acceptable though is you discouraging yourself! If you talk yourself out of achieving your goals, how bad did your really want it?

As you set out to win this year, do not get discouraged if you don’t succeed on the first few tries. Remain resilient and stay focused on your goals.

Until next time love, peace and blessings!

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