The First Half Of The Year Is Almost Over, What Have You Learned About Yourself, Your Goals And Your Purpose?

The first five months of the year have come and gone and boy oh boy have I learned a lot about myself. My world started spinning after my Daddy past away in February. Although I am not completely adjusted I can now breathe through moments that took me into a tailspin. Thank God I am able to focus better.

What I’ve learned though is after someone close to you passes away not only does the loss of your loved one immediately impact you but it also changes you in a deeper way. I view people, places and things in a completely different manner than I did at the beginning of the year. Since I have a very outgoing personality, I am told often that I am too trusting. Admittedly, I can see why I am told that.

As it relates to my purpose in life, I’ve always been very clear that I enjoy helping people. So clear in fact that I wrote several long term goals years ago and slowly but surely they are all coming together. It is important to have long term goals because there are reasons and seasons for everything that happens in life. Everyone that you meet in life teaches you something. Growth comes when you learn the lesson, make corrections as needed and move on. There are some goals that will take time, if it is something that is realistic and feasible, I will ride it out. If not, it gets nixed, quickly. Since you can’t get time back so why waste it? Implementing, Assessing and adjusting goals is an ongoing process.

Well time to work on a few items for next week, until next time love, peace and blessings.

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