The Year Is Halfway Over, How Are You Doing With Your Goals?

July is almost here! The second quarter of the year is almost over. Now is a good time to do a goal check in. Here are a few questions that you may way want to ask:

How are you doing at achieving your goals?

Are your goals being met? If they are not being met, is it because the goal is unrealistic or because you didn’t stay on track to meet it?

Are there any adjustments that need to be made? Do you need to add more or fewer goal check-ins for you to stay on track to achieve your goals?

Are there any new goals that you want to add? Before adding it, assess whether a new goal would deter a current goal or will it help you meet a current goal.

Have you exceeded your goal expectations? A goal that is easily met is a great indicator that you are on to something! Your talent will flow where you are gifted. This does not mean that if a goal is hard to achieve that you are not gifted in the area, it could be that that your talent needs to be developed in that area. Stay at it and celebrate the little steps. They get you closer to where you are trying to go.

Did you encounter any new opportunities while trying to achieve your goals? You may find that an old project may now fit into your goal strategy. If so, implement it. Oftentimes, a good project could have been implemented at the wrong time. You may have been trying to implement that old project too soon.

As we head into the 3rd quarter of 2019, continue goal setting and action planning and celebrate all of the achievements that you have accomplished on your way to success!

Until next time, love, peace and blessings!

8 thoughts on “The Year Is Halfway Over, How Are You Doing With Your Goals?

  1. My goals are going pretty good so far. Obviously everything has to be done in patience but I see a increase in WordPress and I believe that I’m impacting people’s lives. That’s just one of my goals. The others I’m still planning and strategizing how I want to orchestra them.

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  2. Hi and thank you for commenting on my post. Yes, patience is a skill that I am slowly but surely learning. Pun intended 🙂
    It is great that you are on track with your goals. Isn’t it interesting how you can write something and never fully realize that what you wrote helped someone else. I like reading posts where you can feel what the writer is saying. Have you done anything different recently that helped increase your WordPress traffic?


  3. Ummmm lately I have reposted other bloggers post and I started answering quora questions and incorporating them into my post. Also I have been using Pinterest here and there. It has helped a little but I’m not really rushing it more people will catch on and when they do I’ll be ready.

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  4. Yeah you’re right it is interesting when people show an interest in what you write and when it impacts their life. Because you’re on the other end of the computer sometimes second guessing yourself and saying I hope that this helps people or whatever I’ll just post it I’m tierd of writing this it is what it is. Then when people gravitate towards what you essentially wrote and it speaks to their life it amazes you because they don’t know how much crap you just endured to even post that. Hahaa

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  5. Yes, sharing your experiences to help others requires you to be transparent which is why people are drawn to the experience. It helps them heal as well as yourself.


  6. Ok, thanks for the info. I will check out quora and pinterest.


  7. True. I’m still getting use to being so open


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