Freelance Christian writing online jobs: 19 websites currently paying for submissions

If you are interested in Christian freelance writing. This is a very informative article

Motivation & Environment

This post contains information for old and new writers who are talented, confident and interested in getting paid for writing about God or Christian faith-related matters. As at the time of publishing this post, many websites listed further down this article have been accepting articles/content submissions from writers. Please note that there are several others you could come across if you search Google or other search engines.

Many Christian-based websites and online magazines have been publishing original content produced by Christian writers from any part of the world. Some of the websites listed in this post cannot be found on job boards because they don’t advertise on job boards.

It’s more advantageous to pitch or submit original or reprint (previously published) content to websites than apply on job boards because there is lesser competition for talented writers who pitch websites. However, one must be talented in order to succeed with…

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