Seasons Change And You Do Too

Some interesting things have happened during the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has changed our daily routines, made us think of new ways to operate and caused a lot of self-reflection.

I realized very quickly that you can not allow a situation to control the narrative for your life. Identifying who you are at your core, what you like and do not like can help you adjust to various situations. Generally speaking, I am a social butterfly but I am also quite content chilling at home. I’ve always been balanced like that so adjusting to non-social settings was not a stretch for me. What was a stretch for me trying to keep up and stay social on social platforms. What I learned very quickly was that I am not good at being on too many platforms. My platforms of choice are primarily Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s not to say that I won’t eventually get on the others, it’s just that these seem to fit how I like to communicate..

Although we’ve changed the way that we do a lot of things, you can still achieve success. The world is evolving and in some ways we have to too. I love to read stories of how people continue to reinvent themselves and do not allow a bad situation to deter them. Wise people learn the lesson and look for ways to move on. Knowing what you are not good at is also a part of growth It takes a lot of resilience to stay positive during a negative experience. This is why you have to control what you allow to influence you. Growth allows you to nurture the good, experience new things and share ideas.

Until next time, may we all live life to the fullest, love beyond belief and be wonderfully Blessed in this new season!

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